Special Diets

Special Diets

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

With 2% of the population intolerant to gluten and a further 2% to lactose, our gluten and lactose free range is proving hugely popular. In addition, there are around a further 5% who regularly choose not to eat gluten as it leaves them feeling bloated, so the market is large and growing.

A number of newly developed breads are used to give that “normal” taste, which for so long has been missing from gluten free products, so Coeliacs can actually enjoy a sandwich. All production and processes, both of Panini’s and of their suppliers, meets with the highest standards as recommended by Coeliac UK.

Panini’s offer a range of gluten and lactose free sandwiches and rolls which they supply either fresh or frozen with the latter being able to be served immediately on defrosting.

Gluten Free

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