About Paninis

About Paninis

Who are we?

About Panini’s Limited

The Amieni Brothers, Giovanni and Fabrizio founded Panini’s based on their Italian love of good food. Originating in a small back street baguette bar in Swansea, they were persuaded by those who appreciated the quality of their products, to sell through outlets in the Swansea area and thus their wholesale business was born. With their impressive fleet of refrigerated vehicles covering both Wales and England, many of the most well known businesses carry the range of products.

What the Amieni Brothers say

Our first major step came when we were contacted by the local NHS Trust to supply sandwiches for patient, staff and visitors in Morriston Hospital, the second largest in the Principality. This speeded up our development plans and the stringent working practices we are so proud of meant we sailed through the Health Service checks in order to start supplying. This then enabled us to gain further contracts in hospitals and our products were soon available across South Wales, this also included Wales’ three largest universities. A contract from Stenna Sealink, leading banks, WRVS and various “out of town stores” meant the need to expand production with our purpose built factory on the outskirts of Swansea.

In 2003 we moved into the new factory enabling our customers and contracts not to be disappointed. Since the move the company has gone from strength to strength. We are proud of the varying industries we supply to, NHS, local authorities, food service industry, national retailers, the travel industry and airlines.

Our policy from the outset has been that quality it all important, but we have learned that by making all of our fillings in house and by keeping a tight rein on all of our suppliers, we can produce products of quality at prices better than those available in the market place.

With our new bakery, supplying to local authorities, our airline supply contracts and the exciting new gluten free range we are very excited about what the future holds.